Snoring is a sleep breathing disorder that is caused by vibration of the airways because of their narrowing following any cause. About 1 in 3 people snore in their sleep. More than the person snoring, the person sleeping in the same room with a snorer is affected. The quality of sleep is greatly compromised, and this can reduce the overall efficiency of affected individuals and people around them. In this article, we will examine the causes of snoring, the consequences and how we can assist those suffering from it using a wide variety of snoring aids.


For a better understanding of snoring and how to tackle it, the causes are further grouped. The common pathway however, is that the amount of air entering the airways is reduced, and sounds of low frequencies are heard, which could be very irritating to those trying hard to find or maintain their sleep.


These are factors that cannot be changed. The age and sex of an individual greatly contribute to the distribution of snoring. As we age, the muscles in and around the throat lose their tone, making them to be relaxed thereby narrowing the airway. Also, for some reason, the incidence of snoring is much higher in men than in women. This was explained by some anatomical differences between the airways of both sexes.


A lot of medical conditions contribute to causing snoring. Deviated septum in the nose, congenitally large tongues, enlarged adenoids, cleft palate, disease conditions of the nose and the sinuses, disease conditions of the mouth and throat could all contribute to snoring. Also, a condition called sleep apnoea, which could be potentially life-threatening can present as snoring. It is very important for the actual cause of snoring to be determined.


The tongue blocking free flow of air or the position of the jaw during sleeping can cause snoring. Sleeping on the back greatly contributes to this. As a rule, the force of gravity pulls the tongue and the muscles of the throat towards itself, thereby narrowing the airway. However, snoring in all positions could be indicative of something more serious.


There are a barrage of aftermaths snoring comes with. The most disturbing one is the interference with sleep. This leaves the snorers tired and fatigued for the most part of their lives. Their attention span decreases and their ability to retain information reduces. They are frequently involved in road traffic accidents. Waking up frequently excites the body system via sympathetic discharge, and in the long run could lead to high blood pressure, cardiac abnormalities and strokes. Their inability to remain alert through the day increases their risk of dependence on alcohol, further increasing their risk of cardiac diseases. They also tend to abuse soporifics. Learn more.


First things first, the cause should be identified. Then only can the problem be solved. Depending on the cause, there is a wide availability of anti-snoring devices that could help, among which are hollow nose plugs, chin straps (snoring mouthpiece), devices that make sleeping on the back uncomfortableor poke the sleeper if they roll over and masks attached to continuous positive airway pressuremachines. Nasal sprays were also found to be useful in some individuals.


For every problem, there is a solution. But key is, determine the problem first. No one really wants the complications that follow snoring, so the earlier tackled, the better. It could save a relationship today!

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Natural Ways to Eliminate Snoring

Snoring, we have all experienced the lack of sleep due to snoring. That lack of sleep is usually from the other one not snoring. In this case, you have the snorer and the non-snorer. Whether you are the one snoring or you know someone who snores there may be help that does not involves prescriptions or something that might be harmful to your health. While there are plenty of prescriptions stating that they eliminate or stop snoring there are just as many natural ways as well to lessen or even eliminate the effects of snoring. According to an article, the root cause of snoring is when your muscles on the top of your mouth relax enough that the tissue in your throat can partially block your airway. This causes a vibration as the air passes through. There are home remedies that you can try that can work on your snoring issues. These natural remedies include: adding humidity to your room, losing weight, raising your head level, keeping your house clean, putting eucalyptus on your humidifier, practicing yoga exercises, avoiding alcohol and sedatives, and exercise your tongue and throat. Other ways to prevent snoring naturally include: sleeping on your side, taping your nose open, gargling with peppermint mouthwash, don’t eat heavy before bed, quit smoking, and running a steam vaporizer.



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