Snoring is a sleep breathing disorder that is caused by vibration of the airways because of their narrowing following any cause. About 1 in 3 people snore in their sleep. More than the person snoring, the person sleeping in the same room with a snorer is affected. The quality of sleep is greatly compromised, and this can reduce the overall efficiency of affected individuals and people around them. In this article, we will examine the causes of snoring, the consequences and how we can assist those suffering from it using a wide variety of snoring aids.


For a better understanding of snoring and how to tackle it, the causes are further grouped. The common pathway however, is that the amount of air entering the airways is reduced, and sounds of low frequencies are heard, which could be very irritating to those trying hard to find or maintain their sleep.


These are factors that cannot be changed. The age and sex of an individual greatly contribute to the distribution of snoring. As we age, the muscles in and around the throat lose their tone, making them to be relaxed thereby narrowing the airway. Also, for some reason, the incidence of snoring is much higher in men than in women. This was explained by some anatomical differences between the airways of both sexes.


A lot of medical conditions contribute to causing snoring. Deviated septum in the nose, congenitally large tongues, enlarged adenoids, cleft palate, disease conditions of the nose and the sinuses, disease conditions of the mouth and throat could all contribute to snoring. Also, a condition called sleep apnoea, which could be potentially life-threatening can present as snoring. It is very important for the actual cause of snoring to be determined.


The tongue blocking free flow of air or the position of the jaw during sleeping can cause snoring. Sleeping on the back greatly contributes to this. As a rule, the force of gravity pulls the tongue and the muscles of the throat towards itself, thereby narrowing the airway. However, snoring in all positions could be indicative of something more serious.


There are a barrage of aftermaths snoring comes with. The most disturbing one is the interference with sleep. This leaves the snorers tired and fatigued for the most part of their lives. Their attention span decreases and their ability to retain information reduces. They are frequently involved in road traffic accidents. Waking up frequently excites the body system via sympathetic discharge, and in the long run could lead to high blood pressure, cardiac abnormalities and strokes. Their inability to remain alert through the day increases their risk of dependence on alcohol, further increasing their risk of cardiac diseases. They also tend to abuse soporifics. Learn more.


First things first, the cause should be identified. Then only can the problem be solved. Depending on the cause, there is a wide availability of anti-snoring devices that could help, among which are hollow nose plugs, chin straps (snoring mouthpiece), devices that make sleeping on the back uncomfortableor poke the sleeper if they roll over and masks attached to continuous positive airway pressuremachines. Nasal sprays were also found to be useful in some individuals.


For every problem, there is a solution. But key is, determine the problem first. No one really wants the complications that follow snoring, so the earlier tackled, the better. It could save a relationship today!

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Snoring Mouthpiece

Top 3 Tips to Find the Best Snoring Mouthpiece

Finding the right snoring mouthpiece that will essentially stop your snoring is a nightmare. There are just so many around that appear so much in successes rates, security, and price. We list the best 3 things you need to prioritize if you are comparing different mouthpieces.


It may sound odd, but the majority of mouthpieces for snoring out there just does not work, or if these low levels of success that they are only a plain gamble. There are just a handful of decent mouthpieces that make the vast majority of sales and one of the reasons that will be continued by snorers that they are proving to be an important number of people.

It is obvious, but if you decide with the established and assertive choices out there then your probabilities to find a solution that will do something that you want and not just ends up with being a waste of money are increased considerably.


This has to be one of the most desolate areas that first-time snore mouthpiece buyers fail to focus on enough and frequently ends up with them buying a mouthpiece that does essentially work for them, then they just cannot use every night or in the longer term, which really equals a complete waste of money.

Which mouthpiece when you find, make sure it’s a type, standard, and design that you tolerate to wear night after night. If the mouthpiece is made of a hard or unrestrained material, the discomfort is just not going to make you would like to suffer it each and every night. If the mouthpiece is just as great it is actually an effort for you to acquire a good night’s sleep wearing it, then again, it is just not going to work. If the past is not enough then you probably have to spend more time how it is back in or back into position at night then wearing it.

You need to find an anti-snore mouthpiece that is small and soft enough to keep it in the longer term that you can stick to before sleeping and it’s just awhile to wake up by doing the thing that it is in there to do and that is to stop your snoring.


Picking the correct type of mouthpiece is the key for both comfort and success. The traditional popular Mandibular Advancement Devices that prevent your lower jaw to stop your snoring are proven that they are very effective in strong reductions or eliminating snoring.

Unfortunately, however, these types of mouthpiece do come with problems though in the formula of potential side effect dangers, facial aches, such as jaw pain and misalignment of bite.

This is one of the key drivers why so many people now choose to buy this type of device that does not reach your lower jaw forward and does not suffer any of these lengthy consequences and are expressively smaller and more comfortable to wear every night, whilst still maintaining the top effectiveness levels of snoring mouthpieces.


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Types of Dental and OTC Mouth Pieces for Snoring

Types of snoring mouth pieces

You have different options to eliminate snoring through mouthpiece aids and one common type is over-the-counter none-fitted nonprescription mouthpiece. These mouthpieces can be purchased from your local store which can be an inexpensive and convent option. A second more expensive option is where you can more custom fit your mouthpiece. You can do this by ordering mouthpieces where you imprint your dental impression and send it back to a lab for the device to be made. You can find these types of mouthpieces on line by typing in “snoring mouthpieces” or a similar search. Custom fitted mouthpieces are mouth pieces that are fitted by a dentist and are the most expensive type of mouthpieces to use.

Most common problems with mouth pieces:

Though mouthpieces are very effective in stopping snoring by promoting a clear passage in the oral cavity for breathing, (reducing vibrations typically from the uvula/soft palate area). Some issues and conditions can cause them to uncomfortable to use. One such condition would be simply nasal congestion which causes a person to breathe through the mouth causing the mouthpiece to fall out or not be as effective. An improper fit is another problem that can cause the mouthpiece to be less effective or cause irritation with the gums or teeth.

Nasal congestion can be dealt with something as simple as nasal sprays many which can be bought over the counter and by prescription. Steroidal nasal sprays are an example of an effective type of spray this is bought by prescription. If you are looking for effective natural way to reduce nasal congestion one is acupressure done by applying gentle pressure on the nostril top and/or base. Other options are using a humidifier.

Nasal snoring, what is it and common aids

Along with mouthpieces or devices that address snoring from the oral area. There are devices that can help with snoring that is caused by the nasal cavity. Nasal snoring is the cause of the snoring and the sound is produced from the nostrils. Devices can support the nostril and cause clear breathing is called nasal dilation devices.  More explained in this post:

Data on snoring frequency

There is much data that indicates that people that habitually snore is a large number and the percentages seem to increase as people age. Some studies indicate 25% or more of the population snores on a consistent basis. Of these people, about 10% of the snoring is caused by the nasal cavity. Mouthpieces can be effective in promoting clear breathing, reducing vibrations that can create snoring sounds.

Tips for success in using mouth pieces to reduce snoring

  • Look at OTC mouthpieces first for fit and function, since they are the most inexpensive option
  • Consider ordering a mouthpiece you can fit at home. If the OTC option does not seem to work for you. As a more but not the most expensive option.
  • Nasal congestion can work against you using mouthpieces; try to clear nasal passages before using mouthpieces.
  • If the first three action steps do not work, an additional option is to have a dentist fit the mouthpiece.
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The Snore Aid Range – What Is Available To Help Stop Snoring?

What is a snore aid all about? It is a tool that can be used by snorers as a means of eliminating or reducing their snoring problem. The distance of snoring aids varies, and deals with the problem in a range of different ways.

One of the most well-known and common anti-snoring devices is the snoring pillow. No, it’s not a pillow that snores and thus muffles your own noise. There are a number of different manufacturers on stop snoring pillows, but the Sona pillow is on that is frequently seen on television, and is also FDA approved.

These pillows work by preventing the patient from adopting a sleeping position that encourages them to snore. Many people, for example, snore when they sleep on their backs. The soft tissues of the mouth and throat relax or vibrate, causing that snoring noise, or temporarily blocking the airway which causes the snorer to make noises as they struggle for breath. These pillows will ensure that the sleeper stays on their side, and some also extend the neck and extend the lower jaw, a good position for a clearer airway. Snoring is actually closely related to the more serious condition of sleep apnea, in which the airway is blocked and the sleeper cease to breathe for 10 seconds or more. This condition needs some medical intervention.

The Causes Of Snoring

When we breathe at night, most of us used to lay on our backs and breathe with our mouths open. The soft tissues of the throat and soft palate can vibrate and become overly relaxed, as well as partially blocking the airway. These vibrations cause the noise that we know as snoring. The uvula, which hangs down at the back of the mouth is often the culprit. By the simple act of repositioning your body, a snore aid may be all you need to make snoring a thing of the past.

Snoring aids work by a number of methods, but all work to prevent the vibration and the blocking of the airway during slumber. Some help by helping you to breathe through your nose, the natural way to breathe during sleep. Nasal sprays and strips help keep the nasal passages clear.

Another snore aid is the snoring mouthpiece. These look very much like a gum shield and fit into the sleeper’s mouth during the hours of sleep. They work in a number of ways, depending on the design. Firstly, they can extend the lower jaw slightly, thus opening the airway and allowing the free passage of air. Others hold the tongue down slightly so that the airway remains clear. These mouthpieces can take a little getting used to. There are options to buy cheap generic ones, or a dental device can be made by your dental specialist, but these cost a lot more.

There are also snoring rings, sprays, tablets and other aids to help you stop snoring. Reducing smoking and alcohol consumption can also help, as does a reduction in body weight for the obese.

Check the links below for more advice on snore aid ideas.

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Effective Snore Aids to Solve Your Snoring Problem

Snoring can cause many restless nights for you and your partner or roommate. Have no worries! There are various effective snore aids that can help solve your snoring problem. So, say goodbye to troubled sleep and say hello to a quiet and peaceful night.

One of the huge reasons people snore has a biological cause. For instance, sinus problems, allergies, small nostrils or an obstructed airway can all lead to snoring. While there are many items on the market that target people that are so-called “nose snorers” little has been done to help people that snore through their mouth.

Here are effective anti snoring aids to help you minimize or eliminate snoring:

  1. Nasal Breathing Aids
    If your nose is clear then you are more likely to breathe through your nose eliminating or at least minimizing snoring. Some of the examples of nasal breathing aids are nasal strips, nasal brace which is inserted to the nose to keep the airways open; nasal clips and nasal decongestants to clear the nose.
  2. Snoring Pillow
    A snoring pillow is a simple device that helps you remain lying on your side to reduce the risk of snoring and allowing you to breathe in a more natural way. Your head will be slightly tilted and your jaw held on a forward position while you sleep. The pillow helps you to be comfortable in a position that keeps the airway open and prevents the tissue in your mouth and throat to relax eliminating the possible blockage of the airway.
  3. Snoring Mouthpiece
    Snoring mouthpiece is a simple and effective way to stop snoring. It is placed in the mouth and helps control the position of the jaw as you sleep. This snoring aid looks like a sports mouth guard and is comfortable to use. This device is usually made by a dental specialist and may cost more than other simple snoring aids.
  4. Oral products
    • Aveo TSD is a simple device that keeps the tongue forward and prevents the airway blockage as you sleep.
    • CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Appliance is medically prescribed device to keep the airways from collapsing.
  5. Chin Strap
    Chin strap is a device that comfortably keeps the mouth shut as you sleep thus allowing nasal breathing. A chin strap is most common among snore aids and often the first choice for people with snoring issues since it provides immediate relief from snoring.
  6. Anti Snore Spray
    Anti snore spray is usually a 100% natural aid with no side effects. It is sprayed under the tongue and the back of the throat 30 minutes before bedtime and just before going to sleep its maximum strength is fast acting. This anti-snore spray is the best solution for nasal congestion, sinusitis or a common cold which can congest the air passages.

A great way to eliminate your snoring problem, these snore aids are effective and safe to use so that you can enjoy a restful and peaceful sleep for many nights to come. There are some other informative articles which can help you with your snoring problem, and there are also many remedies for it. Why not get yours today?

Check out more informations here:

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